A lasting memory of your family pet is realized with our 
caring cremation service. Performing private cremations of
only one pet at one time allows your family to receive back
only your pet family member's ashes. Respectful, personal
and professional care, and customer service.

Our standard cremation service will provide your pet family
member with the following:

  • transportation from veterinary office or home 
    ​(25mile radius, additional costs apply over 25 miles)
  • private cremation (only one pet at one time)
  • standard wooden urn, several finishes available
  • transportation returning ashes and urn to veterinary office or home, generally within 24-48 hours

Basic Memorial Items... Many families choose clay pawprints or custom engraved brass plaques

Standard Cremation Pricing (includes standard transportation and urn, as of January 1, 2013)

  • small pet (up to 25 lbs) $175
  • medium pet (26-60 lbs) $200
  • large pet (61-85 lbs) $225
  • please call for pricing on extra large pets

Coordinating Cremation for In Home Euthanasia Appointments

For the many families that choose to say goodbye to their pet family member in their own home environment, Faithful Memories offers the following...

  • Timely arrival after veterinary in home appointment
  • All services in the Standard Cremation Pricing, at no additional cost
  • Prompt return to your home, generally within 24-48 hours
  • Referrals to veterinary services that provide in home euthanasia, please call for more information or referral to a provider

Choosing Cremation


Compassionate care FOR YOUR PET FAMILY MEMBer


Faithful Memories Pet Cremation